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Model J-SAM-AHG993011

Date of release:(2019-3-11)   Click times:255


Model J-SAM-AHG993011

Hydrant Button


1、 Introduction

J-SAM-AHG993011 Fire Protection Hydrant (will be abbreviated as hydrant button in the following text) is equipped with a piece of synthetic glass in the surface which will be pressed in time of fire. Once the glass is pressed, the red indicator will be on, which shows the fire alarm signal has been sent to the Fire Alarm Controlling System. The Green indicator on the button is the response indicator which will be lit up by the Fire Protection Controlling System, showing the fire alarm signal has been received by the controlling system.

The hydrant can be connected to signal bus of the JB-QG-15-AHG9600 and JB-QG-15-AHG 9630 Fire Alarm Controlling Linkage Systems, taking up an address spot on the bus loop.

2、 Main Features

2 The hydrant button can be used repeatedly. The system can be reset with a specific tool provided when the synthetic glass has been pushed in.

2 Once the synthetic glass in the hydrant button is pressed, an individual output contact point will be provided.

2 Dispersed intelligence with in-built quasi 16-bit microprocessor and internal data storage

2 Unique barcode Identification (manufacturer setting);no manual electronic coding required

2 Digital signal operation with strong  anti-EMI (electromagnetism interfere) ability

2 Full functional Self Diagnostic System which can test the operation of the system automatically

2 Push and pull wiring terminal for easy installation

3Technical Specifications

1. Operation Voltage:DC19V

2. Operation Current:监视电流standby current≤45μA  Alarm Current≤460μA

3. Output Capacity:DC30V/100mA Rated DC30V/100mA passive output contact signalcontact resistance ≤100mW

4. Coding MethodThe Fire Alarm Controlling Linkage System can code automatically with its software, so no manual coding required

5. Wiring MethodThe hydrant connects to the fire alarm controlling system with signal two-line bus of; and connects to fire-fighting pump with two lines (two passive output lines)

6. Activation parts typeReusable

7. Activation methodPress the synthetic glass manually

8. Reset MethodReset manually with a cupula

9. Operation environment


relative humidity≤95%, non-condensing

10. Outer Dimensions110×110×34mm

11. Outer Material and ColorABS,Red

12. Weight:xapproximately 120g

13. Installation Pitch-row82×82mm or Compliance with standards60mm

14. GB 16806-2006

4、Structural Characteristics and Operating Principle

1. Appearance and Dimensions

2. Working Principle

The hydrant button achieves fire alarm reporting function via button press. The hydrant button is inbuilt with a single-chip processor which completes the fire alarm detection and communication function with the fire alarm controlling system. The EEPROM implanted in the single-chip processor can store the address codes, device types and other information. Once the glass is pressed in, the EEPROM will report the fire alarm straight away.

5、Installation and Wiring

Warning: Before installation, please switch off the power of the loop, makes sure all the bases are properly installed and the cables are correctly connected.

1. Installation

a、 Before installation, please check if the outer of hydrant button is complete, and if the components and marks are all included.

b、 Put the cable through the entrance holes provided in the base of the hydrant button and connect the cable to the push and pull terminals, and then install the button according to the signs on the base and put the lid on the button to complete the hydrant button installation.

c、 Fix the base with chamfer head screw M3 in case the screws touch the electric panel

d、 Please see the installation Diagram as below

2. Wiring

Connecting terminals description


功能说明Function Description


Bus Power+, Connect to loop A+ ,B+


Bus Power -,  Signal in, connect to loop A-


总线电源Bus Power -,  Signal out, connect to loop B-


无源常开输出触点Normally open passive output contacting poin


a、 The Signal cables are RVS unshielded twisted pair cable; power cables ae BV cables with its sectional area≥1.5mm2,

b、 The total electrical resistance of the bus loop conductor should be less than 50Ω; the total length of the bus loop conducting cable is max 2000m,


Warning: Please keep the power off until all units are properly installed.

1. Testing must be done once installation or/and regular inspection is completed.

2. Before testing, all related departments must be notified that the system maintenance will be carried out and the system will stop working. In case of unnecessary false alarm linked to other alarms, the operating network relating to the tested area should be cut off.

3. Testing contents

First, the fire alarm controlling system runs a topology identification to the hydrant button. If correct, when the hydrant button is pressed, the red indicator on the button will be lit up. The fire alarm controlling system will recognize the address of the fire alarm reported by the hydrant button, then the controlling system will send command to start the alarm, which will light up the green indicator on the hydrant button. The green response indicator will be off when the hydrant button is reset.

4. After testing, the hydrant button should be reset with a cupula and all related departments should be notified of the resumption of the normal fire protection system.

5. For the hydrant buttons which have not passed the testing, please check the connection and test again. If they still can’t pass the testing, please return to the manufacturer for repair.

6、Operation Instructions

1、Carry out topology identification before use, so that the controlling system can start auto addressing.

2、After connecting the cables, please test the hydrant button to see if it works.

3、Please reset the button if the danger is cleared.

7、Instructions to Users

The fire pump is activated by the bus system of the hydrant button; the fire pump can also be activated by the multiple-way system of the hydrant button.

When the bus system is applied, the button is connected directly with the signal two bus cables. Once the button is pressed, fire alarm signal will be sent to the fire alarm controlling system; the fire alarm controlling system then send the command to start the pump; once the pump is properly started, the controlling system will light up the green response indicator on the button.

8、 Trouble Shooting and Repairing

If the system does not work, please check the external connection first; if the external connection is correct, please check the electric panel to see if there are any evidence of rosin joint, scorch or other abnormality.

If communication with the controlling system fails, please check if the connection between hydrant button and the controlling system is good, and then check if the power and circuit of the  hydrant button are connected properly.

1、 If false alarm or no alarm in time of fire takes place, please check if the button is broken.

If it still does not work, please return to the manufacturer for repairing.


1、Please operate strictly based on the user’s manual

2、Please inspect and test the system regularly to ensure good operation of the system.

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